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Fixie 4 ever

Good apps to simulate ratios, skid patch etc. Too bad there is not a single tutorial, I hope it will be in the next update.


Indispensable et instructif. No bug.

Good to have beeing a bike/mech addict!

Nice little thingy, especially for singlespeeder, that heavent found their optimized setup, yet. Would be nice to have additonal Wheelsizes in 20, 24 and 26 inches. :)

Dud very nice.

Good work. So cool to see a bicycle app for the iPhone. Cheers

Very well done

This app is very well done. I especially like the gear ratio calculator. Very handful when you want to stay at a specific cadence. Good work

No updates in 2 years, useless

Major gear ratios missing and plenty of tires not accounted for. No good at all IF youre actually a cyclist.

Thank You!

A must have for all the DIY community bike kitchens out there. Great for building a fixie.


As a cyclist and iPhone owner this is the best App I have downloaded. Very useful since I also do all my own wrenching.

cool application

Pretty neat for checking out theoretical gearing combinations. Will be great for figuring out gearing for time trials or specific hill climbs. Future improvement suggestion: add cycling wattage, frontal area, and rolling resistance into this calculator and it would be a good iphone simulation of how much power, cadence youll have to maintain to maintain a certain speed. Thanks for the application


This is the perfect application for fixies. Plus its pretty fun to mess around with. A+!!!

Tarckest iPhone app to ever tarck

This app rocks, Sheldon would be proud.

Great cyclist app!

Great app, does exactly what it says. The alternate gear chooser is a particularly nice feature. One feature request? Magic gear calculator for those of us with silly vertical dropouts.

Great App

Great app, but can we have more tire sizes (like 29er) in a later edition? Some folks, like me, use the app for not only our fixed gear pursuits, but also for our single speed mountain bike endeavors. But on the whole, a great addition to the app store that I never thought Id see. Awesome!

Great app!

I build and maintain my track bikes and this app is perfect. Well designed and it works perfectly. It should have a price its so good.

Great App for serious cyclists!

I have been a cyclist for over 30 years and I have longed for something like this. Sure there are books with charts in them, but I carry my iPhone (and this gives me yet one more reason to keep my iPhone close-like I needed one) and it is great to have this information handy. It could be even better if there were some sort of chart for putting together a set of rear cogs and two or three chainrings so that I could see the whole package at one time. OK, really over the top; give us an option to build those charts for all of our bikes!

Sweet Cyclist Reference App

Works as described; excellent for any cyclist who is planning some longer rides and needs to change their gearing to suit. Please develop more cycling apps; great job!

Nice bike app

Great bicycle app. Wish there were more like it.


This app has a lot of bugs and confusing layout.

Mark Tyson

Great track racing tool for coaches...makes working out the whole gear/leg speed thing fast and easy. With this and a stop watch, there is not much additional data that you really need.

Great app

Great app, but can we get some more 24" tire sizes? Us BMXers use 24x1.75 or bigger in the cruiser class.

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